Code of Ethics

Bartow, Florida

At Conasauga our goal is to consistently produce quality Jack Russell Terriers that are good looking, healthy and intelligent, with a disposition that can enjoy a day in the hunt field and an evening on the family room sofa. All our terriers are valued members of our family, and live in our home where they receive our loving, devoted attention.


Conasauga gem (Fox Island Rock x Conasauga Jade)
Bronze Medallion

We are a small kennel, where space is limited, so we breed only a couple of well planned and researched litters each year. Stud dogs are carefully selected on hunting ability, temperament, and conformation; then carefully matched to our girls. We produce puppies that win in the ring, hunt with the best and snuggle on your sofa as your trusted best friend.

All breeding stock BAER tested and CERF tested annually.

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Daphne & Roy Duvall
1060 South Oak Avenue Bartow, FL 33830
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