Winchester, Kentucky

Ruckerhill Jack Russell Terriers are the product of strategically planned litters to produce outstanding family friendly temperaments, quality companions, and well balanced conformation prospects with the ability to excel in the hunt field, the show ring or your backyard. We understand and believe that “there’s no higher calling for a dog than to be a pet.” Check out the JRT Health Registry for all our genetic test results.

Working Gentlemen:

LITTLE EDEN SWAGGER, 12¾”, Tricolor, Broken
(Little Eden Strut x Little Eden Brisk) *Lifetime Achievement*

RUCKERHILL TUCKER, 12¼”, Tricolor, Broken
(Ruckerhill Brash x Ruckerhill Moxie) *NHC Groundhog*

RUCKERHILL DANZIG, 13¾”, Tricolor, Smooth
(Ruckerhill Brash x Ruckerhill Julep) *JRTCA Bronze Medallion*

RUCKERHILL HAVOC, 11¼”, Tricolor, Broken
(Little Eden Swagger x Ruckerhill Moxie) *Multiple NHCs*

Working Ladies:

RUCKERHILL TSUNAMI, 11¼”, Tricolor, Rough
(Little Eden Swagger x Ruckerhill Zephyr) *Multiple NHCs*

(Conquest Rider x Conquest Hanna) *NHC Opossum*

RUCKERHILL WIDGIT, 12¼”, Tan/White, Broken
(Cool Running’s Rock It! x Cabin Creek Fiona) *JRTCA Bronze Medallion*

BLUE MOON MIST, 12¼”, Tricolor, Broken
(Ruckerhill Tucker x Ruckerhill Rain)

RUCKERHILL SOPHIA, 12¾”, Tricolor, Broken
(Ruckerhill Tucker x Cabin Creek Fiona) *NHC Opossum*

Introducing RUCKERHILL COBY, 13", Tricolor, Rough (Ruckerhill Havoc x Cabin Creek Fiona) *Multiple NHCs*

Contact Information

Don & Sheryl Gaskell
7735 Irvine Road • Winchester, KY 40391
(859) 737-2903 • Email: