Shingle Oak

Clinton, Ohio

Shingle Oak is located on 25 beautiful acres in northeast Ohio. Our breeding program focuses on improving this great little dog for excellence in conformation, temperament, and natural working ability. Our foundation of champions is producing consistent winners in the show ring and loving companions at home. All of our dogs are genetically tested to ensure a healthy, lively, loving companion for your family for years to come. We deeply love this breed and we will continue to protect the wonderful individual traits that make a true Jack Russell Terrier.

Please visit our website and see our beautiful terriers and be prepared to fall in love.

Stud Dogs:

SHINGLE OAK LEGACY, 13½”, Tricolor, Smooth
(Little Eden Layla x Little Eden Strut)

SHINGLE OAK BOSTON, 12¾”, Tricolor, Broken
(Reynards Folly Frolic x Forget-Me-Not Teller)

(Run Away Farm Strider x Hart Farms Katness)
(Co-Owned with Cheryl Hart)

Our Girls:

SHINGLE OAK CALAMITY JANE, 13″, Tricolor, Smooth
(Little Eden Layla x Shingle Oak Cooper)

SHINGLE OAK GLORY, 13″, Tan/White, Rough
(Shingle Oak Beloved x Shingle Oak Cooper)

SWEET B AVA 12½”, Black/White, Broken
(Sweet B Blossom x Forget-Me-Not Pedey)


Contact Information

Diane Wright
468 Ott Drive • Clinton, OH 44216
(330) 962-8851 • Email: