Requirements for JRTCA Breeder Directory Applicants

  1. Must be a current member of the JRTCA in good standing for a minimum of the past three (3)
  2. Kennel name must be registered with the JRTCA or JRTCC.
  3. Breeding stock to consist of at least one JRTCA registered terrier (registered to you), healthy and of breeding quality, and must have whelped or sired a minimum of one litter in the past two years. All breeding stock must be registered, and BAER/CERF tested normal. PLL, SCA and DM testing are recommended. Spayed/neutered terriers are not considered breeding stock, therefore may NOT be listed in the ad.
  4. Please note, as per Breeders Code of Ethics (BCOE), all sales must include a written and signed Sales Contract/Agreement.
  5. Current JRTCA Breeders Code of Ethics signed and submitted with application.
  6. Advertising Fee
  7. Application must be completed in its entirety and signed (application for the directory can be found on the JRTCA web site).
  8. Listing Copy, following guidelines shown on application forms. These guidelines are designed to produce an attractive and uniform directory by maintaining consistency in the size of photos, general size, and appearance of each page. Copy not meeting the guidelines will be edited. Dogs listed must all be registered to you (or co-owned by you) unless under one year of age. Lengthy listings of trial results are not accepted and will be edited; those included must be from JRTCA sanctioned trials and classes, and must have been earned within the last three (3) years.
  9. The photograph (limited to ONE photo) must be of a Jack Russell Terrier(s) owned or bred by you, registered with the JRTCA (if an adult), and must be alive as of date of application. The photograph must portray the terrier(s) in a natural position (not stacked), and the terrier may not be retouched or altered in any way. Photos must NOT include ribbons, trophies, or background clutter. Outdoor shots are preferable with good contrast between dog and background. Good  contrast of dog and background will permit the best reproduction. Photos will not be returned. Digital photos are preferred and may be emailed, and must be named with the name of your kennel (i.e., Kennelname.jpg), with Breeder Directory Photo in subject line.
  10. First-time applicants must have letters of recommendation regarding breeding practices and kennel from two JRTCA members in good standing (preferably from members who have personally viewed your kennels). Applicants who have not been listed in the Directory in the past three years will be considered first-time applicants.
  11. It is recommended that the applicant observe terriers working in the field and participate in a minimum of one JRTCA sanctioned trial annually.
  12. Any cancellation after approval of application will be refunded at 50% of fee.