Important Note

The JRTCA does not endorse the breeders listed, or the quality of their terriers outside of the requirements stated in the JRTCA Code of Ethics. The JRTCA provides confirmation that the breeding stock listed is registered with the JRTCA and that the breeders listed have agreed to adhere to the JRTCA Code of Ethics. The test results listed in the ads have not been verified by the JRTCA. Please contact the breeder directly for documentation.

Any complaints regarding a breeder listed in the directory must be sent in writing to the JRTCA; complaints will be thoroughly investigated, and if found to be warranted, action taken accordingly.

IMPORTANT: The JRTCA does not become involved in financial or contractual disputes between buyer and seller. It is the responsibility of the buyer to get all guarantees and details of purchase in writing at the time of purchase.

Banner photos courtesy of Cson Johnson