Hart Farms

Hillsboro, West Virginia/Bean Station, Tennessee

We have been producing great workers that have been consistently winning in the show ring since 1992. The majority of our terriers are under 12½” and have earned their Bronze Medallions. Hart Farms is the breeder or owner of 32 terriers that have earned their Bronze Medallion. Consistent and dependable workers are our priority as well as genetically sound terriers that are CERF’d yearly and are tested for DM, SCA, BAER, PLL.

Our Studs:

HART FARMS ABRAHAM, 13″ Tricolor, Broken

HART FARMS ET, 12″, Tricolor, Broken

HART FARMS BRO, 12″, Tan/White, Rough

LEGENDARY BRUISER, 12″, Tricolor, Rough

Our Bitches:

HART FARMS GRACE, 11¾”, Tan/White, Rough

HART FARMS OLLIE, 11″, Tricolor, Rough

HART FARMS JUDY, 13″, Tan/White, Broken

HART FARMS KATNESS, 10¾”, Tan/White, Rough

Introducing: Hart Farms Judy (Hart Farms Abraham x Hart Farms Grace) Winner of 2018 JRTCA National Trial in Suitability to Raccoon

Contact Information

Cheryl Hart
PO Box 222 Hillsboro, WV 24946/PO Box 222 Rutledge, TN 37861
(304) 653-2002/(901) 853-2002 • Email: hartfarms@frontiernet.net

Website: www.hartfarms.com