Rock Chalk

Northeast Kansas

At Rock Chalk we are striving to breed healthy, happy terriers, who are well-balanced both physically and mentally. All breeding stock are BAER tested normal and CERF tested annually. All are PLL and SCA clear.

Standing at Stud:

LITTLE EDEN ARMANI, 13″, Tricolor, Broken
(Big Smith Spanky x Little Eden Brianna)

Our Girl:

ROCK CHALK APRIL RAIN, 13″, Tricolor, Broken
(Little Eden Armani x Hidden Acres All JuicedUp)

ROCK CHALK KEEPHER (aka Burnie) (Sow's Ear Raisin Hell x Lost Acres Rock Choxie)

Contact Information

David & Joy Krietemeyer
(785) 231-4981 • Email: